I was invited to participate in the Kedumba Drawing Award 2019. Below is my submitted statement.

Walking through a granite outcrop known as Evans Crown, I’m drawn toward a large bolder and a small tree. It’s an awkward relationship, a marriage arranged by chance, enacted by natures laws. The scattering of stones, broken limbs, conflict over time it seems.

As I sit and draw in this brief moment of their long lives together, I record the rocks weight - its permanence, the trees bristly foliage - its resilience, bleached highlights and heavy shadows of the passing day.

I see many stories in this beautiful Australian bush. They give my story as an artist a nobility of the soul. And as I draw, I quietly celebrate with myself, the daydreaming and the love for drawing.

Evans Crown drawing Kedumba Drawing Award 2019

IMG 0553

IMG 0548

Below is a second drawing from Evans Crown. A group of granite boulders cradling an old moss ladened tree. A still and cool space to draw, protected from the westerly winds and bright afternoon sun. At around 2pm, a shaft of light would come over the higher rocks to the right and illuminates the small space behind the tree....a stage bereft of performers or maybe a stage of stoney characters?

evans crown 2

IMG 0580