Blue Mountains Drawing Competition

The Draw on the Mountain competition was based on the completion of a 12 page A4 sketch pad with drawings of the Blue Mountains Area. The competition was an ideal opportunity to immerse myself in the mountains and draw this environment of wonderful expanse as well as intimate nature.

After securing some good, affordable accommodation near Echo Point Katoomba, I spent five days, from early morning until late afternoon, in a multitude of environments, experiences and weather conditions. The mountains threw me a few challenges and a whole lot of rewards. One thing that was truly rewarding though, was to see so many artists out and about drawing in their sketchbooks, a rare sight in today's modern art practices.

I'd like to thank Selena and Jasper from Wild Valley Art Park for allowing me and all the other artists for this great competition and of course, my 1st prize award.

Blue Mountains Drawing Competition Winner Drawn - article by Ellen Hill, Visit Blue Mountains website